Beretta M9 92 Series 9mm Centerfire Pistol with 3-Dot Sights


What’s in the Box

  • (2) 15 Round Magazines
  • Cable Lock
  • Owner’s Manual

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Buy Beretta M9 92 Series 9mm Centerfire Pistol with 3-Dot Sights Online

Buy Beretta M9 92 Series 9mm Centerfire Pistol with 3-Dot Sights Online. This legendary semiauto handgun has not only won the historic contract with the US military in 1985, but has achieved a triumphant contract renewal after more than two decades of hard use in the world’s toughest and most extreme conditions, from the scorching deserts of Iraq to the frigid heights of the Afghan mountains. A contract renewal after this kind of use and abuse means a product that has kept its promises–and then some. Simply put, there is no pistol today that is as durable, reliable, dependable, easy to use, safe and accurate as the Beretta M9, the handgun that has rightfully earned the nickname of “World Defender.”

When we talk US military standards, we talk hard numbers, not opinions. The M9 has been put through impossibly-rigorous durability and reliability tests that greatly exceed any kind of real-life situation–and it has passed them all with flying colors. For instance, it will keep functioning in temperatures as low as -40 F and as high as +140 F, and it consistently fires over 35,000 rounds of commercial ammunition before a failure. It will keep functioning reliably even after being buried in the sand or snow, or being repeatedly dropped on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete. Beretta’s engineering experience and the quality of the steels used enable this kind of reliability, on which America’s servicemen and women depend every day.

Firearm Specifications

  • SKU: J92M9A0M
  • Series: 92 Series Pistol
  • Caliber: 9 MM
  • Operation: Blowback DA/SA
  • Finish: Black Non-Reflective Brunition
  • Mag Capacity: 15
  • Sights: 3 Dot
  • Height: 5.4”
  • Width: 1.5”
  • Barrel Length: 4.9”
  • Overall Length: 8.5”
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (unloaded)


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