MEC 9000GN Progressive Shotshell Press 28 Gauge 2-3/4″


  • Product #: 507079
  •  Manufacturer #: 9000GN28
  •  UPC #: 098489029148

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Product Overview

Buy MEC 9000GN Progressive Shotshell Press 28 Gauge 2-3/4″ Online. MEC is known for making high quality presses that will last. The 9000GN Progressive Press features automatic indexing and shell ejection (preset by the factory), ten operations at six stations, E-Z Prime primer feeder and a will turn out a completed shell with each stroke. Additional die sets to change gauges are not available.

Shell Length: Set to load 2-3/4″
Priming Feature: E-Z Prime Primer Feed (fill with primers and the loader does the rest)
Charge Bar Shot Weight: 3/4 ounce (Lead shot only)
Powder Bushings Included: 14, 16, 21
Gauge Conversions Available: No

  • Performs ten operations at six stations at once; with every stroke a reloaded shell is completed.
  • Kits available to make steel shot compatible (not included).
  • Removal of loaded shell causes carrier to index.
  • Die sets NOT available.


  • Three Crimping Stations (first station starts the crimp, the second station closes the crimp and the third places a taper on the shell)
  • “Auto-Dex” Automatic Indexing (with finished shell ejection)
  • “Auto-Cycle” Charging
  • “Power Ring” Resizer (gives consistent, accurately sized shells for optimum gun performance)


Product Information

Gauge 28
Shell Length 2-3/4″
Frame Material Steel
Press Type Progressive Press
Priming Feature E-Z Prime Primer Feed
Handle Location Top Center
Number of Mounting Holes 4
Spent Primer Collection System Yes
Gauge Conversions Available No
Powder Bushings Included 14, 16, 21
Charge Bar Shot Weight 3/4 oz (lead shot only)

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 27.000 Pounds


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