MEC Sizemaster Die Set


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  •  Manufacturer #: 833728
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Product Overview

Buy MEC Sizemaster Die Set Online. is known for making high-quality shotshell presses that work great for all levels of shotshell reloaders from beginners just learning this skill to advanced loaders who have been reloading for decades. This die set is designed for reloader that want to convert their MEC Sizemaster to a different gauge and includes all necessary parts.

Kit Includes:

  • Deprime Punch
  • Collet
  • Shell Lifter
  • Reprime Punch
  • Wad Guide
  • Rammer Tube
  • Star Crimp Head
  • Actuator Rod
  • Cam Crimp Assembly
  • Drop Tube
  • Shell Holder
  • Wad Guide


  • Complete instructions included for installation of die set


Product Information

Cartridge 28 Gauge

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 1.595 Pounds

Additional information


10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, 410 bore


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